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Gaited Morgan Horses

                                  How did Gaited Morgan Horses evolve/develop? —

Current Gaited Morgans and non gaited Morgans prior to closing of books in 1947 trace back almost two centuries as a mixture of Morgan, Saddlebred, Thoroughbred, Standardbred and other non identified stock. Today’s Gaited Morgan Horses are the result of 19th Century breeder’s crosses producing some unintended Gait. The SynchroGait Gene A study/DNA test proved gait is inherited from previous generations.

The Morgan is not overall a gaited breed, but during the SynchroGait Gene A testing a random sample of UC Davis DNA registered Morgans showed 17% carried the Gait Gene A. This random sample showed there are Gaited Morgans within the breed. There is conjecture as to the source of this gait and which families or lines might be the source. Each new SynchroGait Gene A DNA test by Morgan owners/breeders seems to indicate “Gait” can be found across the Morgan breeding lines.

SycnhroGait – Learn About Your Horse’s Natural Ability for Different Gaits